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Missionary Society Ministry

The Missionary Society provides opportunities and resources to meet the changing needs and concerns of people in the church and throughout the broader community making known God’s love for all men by exhibiting a personal and corporate saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.  



Evangelism Ministry

The Evangelism Ministry teaches people to articulate the Gospel; helps integrate evangelism into ministry activities; creates opportunities for members to witness in the community; and takes the Word of God to the community. 


Naomi Ruth Ministry

The Naomi and Ruth Domestic Violence Ministry demonstrates Christian love in action by providing assistance to women who have been subjected to domestic violence, identifying and addressing their physical, mental and spiritual needs, as well as helping battered women and their children escape battering situations permanently.  Its aim is to change societal attitudes until domestic violence is no longer tolerated.


Bereavement/Grief Ministry (Heart-2-Heart)

 The Heart 2 Heart Bereavement & Grief Ministry provides spiritual support and comfort by journeying with both members and non-members through the grieving process. 



The Share ministry helps to provide healthy food packages at an affordable cost to fit most family budgets. 


The Legal Ministry serves as a resource to the church and its membership by providing legal resources, referrals and guidance to members and the greater community regarding a broad array of legal issues. 


Grants Coordination & Development Ministry

The Grants Ministry assists other ministries in search of grant funding and other financial resources to allow Greater Mt. Nebo to continue its mission and impact on the broader community.



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