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Deaf & Hearing   |    Parking & Handicapped Accessibility

Bible Classes     |    Children & Youth

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Our Sunday Worship Times

9:45 am | Sundays  | Main Sanctuary

Interpretation for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired @ 9:45 am





Holy Spirit Inspiration… 

that’s who you’ll find as our special guest!  God is truly present and worshiped at Greater Mt. Nebo A.M.E Church. Worshipers should expect a personal, uplifting experience with God.  And, everyone is allowed to participate in their own way.




Deaf & Hearing Impaired

Our 9:45 am worship service is interpreted for the deaf. Sign language classes are taught to encourage fellowship between the deaf and hearing impaired, and upon request, interpreters can be made available for other events and classes.

Parking & Handicapped Accessibility

There is amble parking for worshipers on the side of the church. There is also handicapped parking and accessibility, and parking for seniors in the rear of the church. For the Mother-to-Be, a few parking spaces have been reserved close to the entrance. For special services and 5th Sundays there are often Security Ministry members available to assist with parking.



Bible Classes for All Ages and Stages

Family Night Bible Study is open to the entire family on Tuesdays at 7:30 pm immediately following Prayer at 7:00 p.m.  


We also host a Noon-Day Bible Study, Wednesdays at 12 p.m.


If you prefer the intimate fellowship of small groups, sign up for MasterLife a 24-week discipleship training series (Begins each October).


And, every member should complete the 5 class Bible Institute series where you will learn everything from the fundamentals of our faith, to how to determine and use your spiritual gifts.


View Full Bible Class Schedule






Children’s Worship Services

Ages 18 months – 12 years

Available During All Sunday Services


Bible-oriented activities are provided for preschool and elementary-age children.  At this level, young children are taught to sing, pray, memorize Scripture and learn important Biblical truths.  They are instructed and led in worship at their own levels and usually provided with a light snack. For the safety of our children we ask that you sign your child in and out of Children’s Church.

Youth Worship Services  

Ages 12 – 18

Available During All Sunday Services


Youth can participate in a worship service that addresses their specific needs.  The service is geared for their age group with dramatic interaction and creative messages. They’re sure to leave with a greater understanding of God and God’s purpose for their lives.





At Greater Mt. Nebo A.M.E Church you will experience everything from traditional and contemporary gospel, spirituals, hymns and contemporary praise. Feel free to join in song or dance. Freedom to praise and focus on God is the order of the day.


If you believe God has called you to serve and praise through song, consider one of the Greater Mt. Nebo choirs. Accompanied by a variety of skilled musicians, Greater Mt. Nebo worshipers are ministered to by the inspired voices of The Majestic Voices (Adult Choir), The Brotherhood Choir (Men’s Choir), The Chosen Generation (Young Adult Choir), The Voices of Praise (Youth Choir), and The Sunbeams (Children’s Choir). On special occasions the choirs combine (The Combined Voices) forming a beautiful mass choir.


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Prayer and Meditation

A special time prior to each service is devoted to prayer.  The lights are low, and atmosphere adjusted so those seeking the Lord can come to the altar to pray or meditate prior to service. Special prayer times are available each morning via conference call, Tuesday and Friday before Bible Study, and Saturday morning from 6:00AM to 8:00AM. Additionally, the ministerial staff and stewards are assigned to visit, distribute communion and anoint the sick and shut-in and pray for and with them and others as needed. (James 5:13-16).  





Our church is operated through the tithes and offerings of its members.  Each service our church family is given an opportunity to give back to God in support of the ministry.  This is not a time of pressured involvement rather a cheerful celebration of HIS goodness to us.


We believe giving the tithe (the first tenth of income) declares that God comes first.  It recognizes His blessing and sovereign ownership of everything. It expresses faith and trust in God in every matter in life. In fact, we teach that persons are managers of God’s resources and should seek God’s guidance on how to manage not just the tithe we give, but also the remaining 90 percent of our income.


Additionally, our pastor is entirely supported by a weekly financial love offering given by the members to him for the support of him and his family.  All offerings are a matter of free-will giving by the members and our guests need not feel obligated to give.


Both online and mobile giving options are available for your convenience at all times by clicking button below:


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Challenging Messages  

One of the high points of our services comes with the preaching of God’s Word. This is the time when the congregation hears from God. The messages are powerful and practical.


The preacher will close with an invitation to those who want to make Jesus Lord of their lives and allows them to come forward. Those who feel a need to re-commit their lives or to pray about other concerns are also invited to come. Believers are encouraged to ask for the Holy Spirit to further empower them for Christian service. Often everyone is invited to come and pray during the altar service.


Click here to listen / watch our sermons


Deep emotion and excitement may be demonstrated throughout a service, because everyone who calls on God in faith receives something. Jesus said, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. (Luke 11:9 NIV)


If you’ve wondered what our services are like, we invite you to observe and experience God in new and exciting ways. You can dress up or dress down. You don’t have to be perfect either. The Bible says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,” (Romans 3:23 NIV) 


So, come just as you are!

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